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Use our company stamp generator to create stamp online base on your company name and registration number. Our online stamp maker is 100% free which you are able to create stamp png file that is transparent background to use as digital stamp or use for physical rubble stamp chop.

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What is Company Stamp?

company stamp is a seal used to validate official documents in a company. It consists of the company name and registration number, and can be used on certificates, contracts, deeds, and other paperwork to verify that they are genuine and aren’t counterfeits. The company stamp is no longer mandatory in Singapore. However, it is still commonly used in many firms as its generally perceived as a very important mark of corporate identity. Technically speaking, a company should have a single stamp, and the secretary is responsible for looking after it.

Why Do I Need a Company Stamp?

Here are some reasons you need to use a company stamp in your documents:

To Verify the Documents

Only the owners/ secretary of a company is legally allowed to use the company stamp. When there’s a stamp on the documents, the stakeholders can be assured that they are from your company.

For the Corporate Identity

Apart from the logos and the signature of the C-Suite executives, the company stamp is also used as a tool to signify the entire firm.

To Make Stakeholders More Responsible

When a letter has been stamped, the related parties are going to know that your company is very serious about the agreement. Hence, they’re more likely to respect the contract.

When Do I Need to Use the Company Stamp?

As said before, you don’t necessarily need a company stamp in your paperwork, as long as it hasn’t been specified in the company constitution. Anyway, depending on your preference, stamps can be used on several documents for purposes, including:

Do remember that in the absence of a company stamp, you may need to use an authority figure’s signature or the company logo, depending on the type of document you’re working with.